Invite nature and sustainability inside

Take care of the environment and produce with a clear conscience.

You can now produce your next display or POS solution in cork material specifically designed to fit your products with print .

Why choose CORK for your next solution:

  • A unique solution that will make you stand out from the crowd

  • You are among the first-movers when it comes to sustainability and the environment

  • Our cork is FSC certified

  • Cork is antibacterial, fire-resistant, dirt and water repellent

  • The cork oak, from which the cork comes, absorbs more CO2 than it emits

  • Cork production contributes greatly to the biodiversity of the large cork plantations

Cork is available in the following colors:




Cork solutions can be made for a variety of products – Most solutions can be supplemented with print, including the following:

  • Table display

  • Presenter

  • Hanging signs

  • 2D logo signs

  • Plates for decoration

  • Podiums

  • Beer coaster

  • Mouse pads

  • Table protectors

  • Permanent displays

  • Notes books

  • Placemats

Cork is produced from the bark of the cork oak.

Our cork comes from Portugal.

The cork oak stands out because it absorbs more CO2 than it emits even when including the production of cork materials and transport.

Consequently, cork material is a sensible and sustainable choice.

In addition, cork forests are one of 35 biodiverse hotspots like the Amazon, the African savannah, and Borneo because cork contributes greatly to the biodiversity of the large areas where it grows.

Cork goes through a process of 4 steps from being bark on a tree to becoming a sustainable pos product:

  1. The cork is harvested by peeling bark off the tree. Bark can be harvested when the tree is 25 years old and approx. every 9 years. The cork tree can live up to 200 years which means that it can be harvested approx 15-18 times during its lifetime.
  2. The cork bark is dried.
  3. The dry bark is made into granules and pressed together – naturally without the use of glue.
  4. The pressed granules are made into a solid cork material. The cork material can be of different thicknesses and used for products such as corks for wine, table protectors, placemats, notice, boards, clothes, bags, furniture, furniture fabric, logo signs, beer/ wine coaster, floor coverings, sound-absorbing plates, and much more.

As icing on the cake, cork is:

  • FSC certified

  • Fire resistant

  • Water and dirt repellent

  • Sound absorbing

  • Antibacterial